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who I've worked with




I've been fortunate to work in some diverse environments — from small personal training facilities to innovative corporations like Tesla, Leo Burnett, Lionsgate, GE, and Creative Arts Agency to sports performance organizations like VIBE Volleyball Lab, EXOS, and Velocity Sports Performance.


Working for and alongside some really unique, intelligent health professionals has not only helped me develop my skillset in exercise science, coaching psychology, and nutritional intervention but, more importantly, has helped me learn how to communicate effectively and build relationships that really matter. 


Franz von Holzhausen

Lead Designer at Tesla

What I've enjoyed about both Cameron's group training with Tesla and one-on-one sessions is that everything within his program serves a specific purpose. He is all about maximizing the time within each workout and really pays attention to detail when it comes to moving properly. Coaches that I have had in the past would focus primarily on how much weight I could lift or reps I could perform. He brings a refreshing philosophy to training, recovery, and nutrition that makes a lot of sense – being able to sustain a high level of performance and health for the long haul. 

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